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O Nosso Fado unlocks class struggle. This honest narrative exposes the complex feelings first generation Canadians experience toward their working class parents: frustration, pity, shame and love. Lucy, a twelve year old, studies as her mother, Maria, cleans the toilets of an office building. A labour dispute reveals the personal embarrassment, sacrifice and ultimately the power Maria and her colleagues share as they discover a melody of hope and change. 

Our Journey

O Nosso Fado was written by  sixteen year old Kathy Martinez. Martinez was inspired by an account of a 1970's Toronto cleaners’ strike in Wenona Giles' Portuguese Women at Work: Gender, Immigration and Nationalism and Martinez’ personal experience who much like “Lucy”, as a young girl would accompany her mother, an office cleaner, to work in the evenings. O Nosso Fado premiered as part of the Sears Ontario Drama Festival where it received awards of excellence for writing and ensemble performance. 

Our Impact

“…a moving important story about humanity...we all need to be valued; we all need to be seen; we all have a voice... Our song is everyone’s song. “ Matt White, Adjudicator, Toronto Central Sears Ontario Drama Festival 

 “The [audience’s] laughter was bittersweet because, through the midst of humour, there was an undercurrent of a dark reality that still hurts many Portuguese and other immigrants living in this country.” João Vincent, Sol Português 


Saturday, August 5, 2017


Pia Bouman - Scotiabank Studio Theatre
6 Noble Street, Toronto, ON

Sunday, August 13, 2017

12:00 -1:00

Pia Bouman - Scotiabank Studio Theatre
6 Noble Street, Toronto, ON


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Pia Bouman - Scotiabank Studio Theatre

6 Noble St, Toronto, Ontario M6K 2C6, Canada